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1-2-3 Refreshed Express – 40 minutes $60

Refresh tired, dull skin with double exfoliation of papaya and cherries. Give skin a deep polish while infusing it with
hydration and nutrients. Great for all skin types.

Pineapple Express – 30 minutes $55

Skin is nourished and cell turnover increased with the pleasant yet effective pineapple enzyme. Peptides boost skins cellular activity while protein enriched milk soothes and cools. Beneficial for photo-damaged and hormonally

Skin Boost Express – 45 minutes $65

Stimulating treatment that will tantalize the senses for a quick skin workout. It supports skin with mild acne, sluggish circulation, and sensitive, rosacea-prone conditions. Skin is bathed in chocolate antioxidant support as the healing effects of Mandelic Arginine and the collagen-boosting benefits of Amino Peptides help with cellular repair and age

Post Peel Facial – 30 minutes $65

Post care follow up is essential in ensuring proper cell renewal. It aids in wound repair and reducing skin irritations. Also an excellent facial for people that are going through chemotherapy as it inspires healthy DNA, enhances mitochondrial ability and heals skin.