NO formula will EVER contain:  Nano-particles, Parabens, Bismuth Oxychloride, Dyes/Lakes, Talc, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS), to name just a few!  Most of UltraPure’s cosmetics are both gluten-free and soy-free as well.

I originally started selling the foundation to my acne/rosacea clients because it’s free of pore clogging irritants.  I loved the micro-milled powders so much we offer it to everyone.  Clients have asked for more chemical free products from Ultra Pure Cosmetics. Wendy Reese, Master Aesthetician, The Skin Spa & Boutique

Try these simple and straightforward tips to make your look complete!Our Flawless Finish Foundation (gluten, soy and corn free) is the perfect solution for every skin type. Our Foundation offers a chemical free sunscreen with an approximate sun protection value of 15-20, depending on how much is applied.  It also helps to reduce redness and irritation, so it makes the perfect foundation for those who have sensitive skin, acne, or rosacea.

1.  Important!  Start with freshly cleansed skin.  Make sure you are properly moisturized and hydrated prior to application.  Nothing makes you look more worn out than skin that hasn’t been taken care of properly.

2.  Apply Mineral Concealer under eyes, blending out.  Only apply to darkest areas, and include the eye lid area too.  Use a color slightly lighter than your skin tone.  Blend out well.

3. Apply the Flawless Finish Foundation in light layers to get the best look. Apply several layers if necessary to get desired coverage.  Use the right tool.  We love our Ultimate Buffer Brush and Cover-It Foundation Brush for ease of application.  The Cover-It Brush allows you to get into smaller areas (around nose, eye-lids, etc), while the Ultimate Buffer applies the product to larger areas.

4. Don’t forget the blush!  We like to contour with a darker color (try Bronze Shimmer -loose) in Light Reflecting Blush category or Chestnut if you prefer a pressed blush.  Both are great contouring colors. Highlight the cheekbones with a lighter color.  We love Seashell – a very translucent blue-based pink) or try Azalea in the Pressed Perfection Blush (again, very translucent blue based pink).  All perfect colors for spring/summer.

5.  Apply light dusting of Matte Setting Powder.  Like a photographer who uses a filter to achieve a diffused look, a setting powder works much the same way.  It also sets your look and makeup stays put all day!

6.  Finish with a hydrating mist, like Hydra-Peptide Infusion Spray or our newest formula Phyto-Fusion Hydating Spray (coming soon)!  If you are dehydrated or have dry skin, this is a must!!   “This step WILL transform the look of your skin” says Kristen Davis, CrossFit Trainer and Health Enthusiast.  “I get compliments on my skin all the time, and I attribute it to using UltraPure Cosmetics”.