1) Aestheticians are not kidding around. The objective opinion of a professional who looks at all sorts of people’s skin all day is valuable. They will give you the professional and honest low-down on your visage.

2) Product recommendations from the professionals are top notch. They’re especially good if your facialist isn’t trying to hawk specific brands. They’ll tell you what kind of ingredients and formulas to look for and help you put together a regiment that works for your own face.

3) You’ll take better care of your skin after. You won’t touch your face so much once you’ve paid someone else to do it. Once I have a facial, I go out of my way to not ruin it with comogenic makeup, my grubby fingers, dehydration or a poor diet. After a pricy facial, maintaing the glow becomes critical and a long lasting healthy skin care regiment can commence.

4) EXTRACTIONS. It takes all of my might to not beg to see the gunk my aesthetician gets out of my pores. Well, it takes all of my might and a fear of compromising the lip treatment she has applied. At-home extractions are a recipe for complexion disasters like scabs, break outs and stretched out pores, but when a professional does it, they do it right (because they were trained and aren’t drunk).

5) It’s a media free zone. There is no time for your cell phone or ipad when you’re getting the facial. Even those most addicted to their iPhones might as well turn that device off and leave it out of the room, because once the facial starts, you’ll forget about being connected entirely.

6) It’ll calm your nerves. Some people have a hard time relaxing when someone is prodding at their face, but others find the gentle smearing of products and botanicals, face-steaming and other treatments completely soothing. I fall asleep like an old man in front of the television whenever I get a facial. Maybe that doesn’t sound wild, but I’m an insomniac and the fact that a dermatological beauty treatment can mollify me into a deep slumber is significant.

7) Treating yourself within your means feels so good. Sometimes a little opulence is all you need as a little pick me up. A little milk and honey on the face will make you feel like you live on milk and honey. When I’m feeling really down, getting my face pampered will help me relax, cheer me up and improve my skin.

8) You’ll feel like a lady of luxury, if only for a moment. When I’m in the waiting room of the spa, sitting in a fluffy robe, sipping on cucumber-mint water and eating olives, none of the other fancy pants patrons can tell that I’m actually a major dirtbag. Being at the spa is like non sexual role play with myself. I get to pretend to be a rich lady who takes care of herself for at least an hour.

9) Your face is a worthwhile investment. Why spend your money on booze or shoes when you can spend it on your skin? You’ll grow tired of purses and clothes, but you have your face until you’re in an urn or a grave. You’ll wear it every single season until you die, there’s no reason not to do whatever it takes to maintain it.

10) Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. They’re expensive and the results won’t last forever, but it feels good and it’s not hurting anyone. Don’t feel guilty about indulging in the pleasure of skin care. Getting a facial once in awhile isn’t like funneling tubs of La Mer into a toilet. Facials are an experience! They’re expensive, yes, but it’s money well spent. It’s relaxing and personal and fun and effective. You might as well spend your hard earned cash doing something that feels good.